The Hong Kong Intercham was established in Hong Kong in the mid-1980s and is now formed as an NGO by 31 of the official foreign chambers of commerce and business associated in Hong Kong.

History and Purpose
At the beginning of its establishment, the Hong Kong Intercham was mainly composed of members of the International Business Chamber (IBC), an advisory committee consisting of official foreign chambers of commerce in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong SAR government. The organization has been strongly encouraged and promoted by the Hong Kong government and invited by the Chief Secretary for Administration of foreign countries' official chambers of commerce in Hong Kong as members of the organization.

In addition, the Hong Kong Intercham also regularly organizes several business exchange activities every year to enhance the economic and trade cooperation between business people from various countries. At the same time, the Hong Kong Intercham supports public welfare undertakings in Hong Kong. It established the Hong Kong Intercham Scholarship, which provides Hong Kong undergraduate students in needy Hong Kong tertiary institutions who study business management-related fields and demonstrate outstanding academics, achievement, and financial support need.


  • To provide a forum for all members to share information and discuss interests,and to encourage inter-chamber co-operation;
  • To provide an effective communication channel for dialogue with governmental
    bodies, international business community and trade organizations in Hong Kong
    and worldwide;
  • To show, promote and reaffirm the confidence of the international business
    community in Hong Kong as a global centre for trade and finance;
  • To contribute to Hong Kong in the name of the international business community
    as a whole.

Members of Intercham Hong Kong
American Chamber of Commerce
Australian Chamber of Commerce
Austrian Chamber of Commerce
Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
British Chamber of Commerce
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Chile Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce
Danish Chamber of Commerce
Dutch Chamber of Commerce
French Chamber of Commerce
Finnish Chamber of Commerce
German Chamber of Commerce
Hong Kong Bahrain Business Association
Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
Hong Kong Macau and Myanmar Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Hong Kong Thailand Business Council
Hong Kong Vietnam Chamber of Commerce
Indian Chamber of Commerce
Indonesia Chamber of Commerce
Irish Chamber of Commerce
Israeli Chamber of Commerce
Italian Chamber of Commerce
Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Korean Chamber of Commerce
Malaysian Chamber of Commerce
Mexican Chamber of Commerce
New Zealand Chamber of Commerce
Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
Romanian Chamber of Commerce
Singapore Chamber of Commerce
Spanish Chamber of Commerce
Swedish Chamber of Commerce
Swiss Chamber of Commerce


Mr. Christof Van der Stichele

President of Intercham HK


President:  Mr. Christof Van der Stichele
Vice-President:  Mr. Tony Ho
Secretary and Treasurer: Mr. Henry Au
Members: 31 Representatives of official foreign chambers of commerce  in Hong Kong

Editorial Board
1. Mr. Wilhelm Brauner from Austrocham
2. Mr. Tony Ho from Inacham
3. Mr. Tony Tam from Inacham
4. Mr. Santiago from the Spanish Chamber of Commerce
5. Ms. Talida Brauner from Rocham

Past Office-bearers/Committee Members

2020-2021 Office-bearers/Committee Members

Sponsor / supporting organization list

  • International Entrepreneur Alliance