Nat’l fund backs HK arts sector

Secretary for Culture, Sports & Tourism Kevin Yeung today met China National Arts Fund Management Centre Director Wang Mingliang as well as the delegation’s members and experts.


They exchanged views on Hong Kong’s corresponding actions in dovetailing the China National Arts Fund’s work and explored further collaboration to realise together, Hong Kong’s position as an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange as stated in the National 14th Five-Year Plan.


A total of 19 Hong Kong art organisations and artists have been selected for the list of arts projects to be funded by the China National Arts Fund since 2022.


Mr Yeung thanked the fund for its support and recognition to Hong Kong’s arts and culture sector.


He said the Culture, Sports & Tourism Bureau (CSTB) will make good efforts in launching corresponding measures in Hong Kong to support the selected enchanting and captivating Hong Kong projects to be presented outside the city, showcasing its unique culture and flourishing arts and culture development as well as telling the good stories of Hong Kong.


The Government announced in the 2022 Policy Address dedicated funding for selected projects to conduct cultural exchanges, such as staging performances and exhibitions or conducting other activities that promote exchange activities outside Hong Kong.


The China National Arts Fund has announced the application guide 2024 and the application period will end on June 15. The CSTB encourages Hong Kong art groups and artists to actively apply.