$3k voucher available Apr 16

The Government today announced that the first voucher under the 2023 Consumption Voucher Scheme (CVS) will be disbursed to about 6.4 million eligible people on April 16.


Those who successfully registered under the scheme last year will receive the voucher on that day, it added.


Hong Kong permanent residents and new arrivals will receive a $3,000 voucher, while eligible people who have come to live in Hong Kong through different admission schemes for talent, professionals and entrepreneurs and to study in the city will receive a $1,500 voucher.


People using AlipayHK, BoC Pay, Octopus, PayMe from HSBC, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK will receive SMS notifications or mobile app push notifications on that day.


Those using Octopus cards to receive the vouchers should collect the voucher with the same card used for collecting vouchers last year. If that Octopus card has been returned or lost, they should use the card that has been registered through an application for amendment of registration record.


In view of the stored value limit of Octopus cards, for people who cannot collect the full value of the voucher disbursed when tapping the card on the disbursement date, the remaining value can be collected by tapping the card again after the card’s stored value has been lowered through spending with it.


For enquiries on the value of the vouchers disbursed, the unspent/uncollected voucher balance and deadlines, browse the apps and websites or call the hotlines of the relevant stored value facility operators.


There are about 7,000 people whose stored value facility account has become invalid and have yet to update their registration record. They may submit their application for updating their registration record via the designated address in the CVS website.


Alternatively, they may download from the CVS website or call hotline 18 5000 to obtain the Application Form for Amendment of Registration Information by post, email or fax, and post the completed form to the Consumption Voucher Scheme Secretariat, GPO P.O. Box 185000, Hong Kong. No postage stamp is required if posted in Hong Kong.


Eligible people who have obtained the JoyYou card and returned their Octopus card used for receiving vouchers last year may call the Octopus hotline 2969 5588 to make the amendment.


These applicants will have their voucher disbursed to them on a date later than April 16. The Government will arrange with the stored value facility operators to disburse the voucher to them as soon as possible and they will be informed of the specific date separately.