Heatstroke advisory to use HKO data

Secretary for Labour & Welfare Chris Sun today said the Labour Department will incorporate the Hong Kong Observatory’s (HKO) updated information as far as it can when updating the guidance notes on prevention of heatstroke at work.


Mr Sun’s remarks follow an announcement by the HKO that it will strengthen the very hot weather warning service by introducing new weather tips to remind the public of extremely high temperatures.


“We are aware that the HKO is about to provide yet more information about heat, so the two departments will work together closely and explore possible ways to integrate as far as possible any new information into the guidance notes on prevention of heatstroke at work soon to be published by the Labour Department.”


He added that the new version of the guidance notes should be ready and promulgated before summer arrives.


On the issue of industrial accidents, the labour chief said the Government is making every effort to strengthen occupational safety in the city.


“While we are about to resume the Second Reading of the Amendments Bill to increase the penalty levels as well as various measures over occupational safety, we are at the same time putting in as much effort as we can through inspection, education, publicity, etc.”