Govt officers finish training course

The Development Bureau’s Centre of Excellence for Major Project Leaders (CoE) today held a convocation ceremony and welcome session for Project Delivery Capability Programme participants.


Officiating at the event, Financial Secretary and CoE Honorary President Paul Chan congratulated the first four cohorts of government officers on their successful completion of the one-year programme and welcomed the four cohorts of candidates of this year’s programme.


In his speech, Mr Chan pointed out that with landmark developments including the Northern Metropolis and the Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands in the pipeline, the Government is committed to developing Hong Kong into a more liveable, sustainable and economically vibrant city.


Given Hong Kong’s construction volume in the medium to long term is anticipated to hit about $300 billion a year, he stressed that the Government must use resources more smartly and effectively to take forward these projects.


As a major programme of the CoE, the Project Delivery Capability Programme, designed and delivered by Polytechnic University, aims to provide systematic training for mid-tier managers of public works projects in the Government, so that they can enhance their professional skills and uplift project delivery capabilities to deliver public works projects with a more innovative mentality and improved leadership skills.


Following the Financial Secretary’s announcement in the 2022-23 Budget, the participants of the new term of the programme will include senior professionals from public organisations. Mr Chan encouraged the graduates and new candidates to tackle future challenges with innovative minds to enhance public project performance.