20k voucher accounts not updated

People who had used Octopus cards to receive consumption vouchers in 2022 but returned the relevant card must update their account for receiving vouchers by March 29, in order to receive the new voucher instalment on April 16.


Issuing the reminder today, the Government said the 2023 first-instalment consumption vouchers will be disbursed on April 16 to the stored value facility accounts of successful registrants under last year’s scheme.


For members of the public using Octopus cards to collect vouchers, the voucher will be disbursed in mid-April to the same Octopus card they used for receiving vouchers last year.


Nevertheless, records indicate that about 20,000 people who used Octopus cards to receive vouchers last year have returned the relevant card to Octopus Cards Limited without updating their account for receiving vouchers.


They are reminded to update their account by the March 29 deadline online, by post or in person to one of the eight temporary service centres in order to receive the voucher on April 16.


Elderly people who applied for the JoyYou card, returned their original Octopus card but have yet to update their voucher-receiving account can also call the hotline 2969 5588 to switch to use the JoyYou card for receiving vouchers.


If the Octopus card used for collecting vouchers last year is still valid, people can continue to use the same card to receive the new voucher instalment without the need to go through any procedure.


Click here or call the hotline 18 5000 for more details.