COVID-19 UPDATE – Jan 20

– 4,015 new cases [843 cases by nucleic acid tests (11 imported + 832 locally acquired); 3,172 cases by rapid antigen tests (111 imported + 3,061 locally acquired)]– As at Jan 19, 108, 179, 832, 5,057 and 741 persons received their first, second, third, fourth and fifth dose of vaccine respectively; a cumulative total of 20,592,116 doses have been administered
– The Government decided to cancel the arrangement of issuing isolation orders to infected persons according to the Prevention and Control of Disease Regulation (Cap. 599A) from January 30

CHP investigates locally acquired SARS-CoV-2 virus cases with 832 cases tested positive by nucleic acid tests and 3,061 cases by RATs as well as 122 imported cases
– new cases tested positive by nucleic acid tests: 843 (11 imported + 832 locally acquired)
– total cases tested positive by nucleic acid tests: 1,210,194
– new cases tested positive by rapid antigen tests: 3,172 (111 imported + 3,061 locally acquired)
– total cases tested positive by rapid antigen tests: 1,637,827
– deaths: 13,010 [during the fifth wave (since December 31, 2021): 12,797]

14-day rolling sitrep of new cases (most recent figure first, in bracket: “local cases / imported cases”)
– 4,015 ( 3,893 / 122 ); 3,793 ( 3,684 / 109 ); 3,843 ( 3,744 / 99 ); 4,653 ( 4,529 / 124 ); 6,261 ( 6,091 / 170 );  7,749 (7,563 / 186 ); 8,260 ( 8,032 / 228 ); 9,208 ( 8,916 / 292 ); 9,279 ( 9,017 / 262 ); 9,379 ( 9,152 / 227 ); 11,641 ( 11,318 / 323 ); 14,113 ( 13,682 / 431 ); 15,850 ( 15,341 / 509 ); 19,722 ( 19,527 / 195 )

Public hospitals daily update on COVID-19 cases

Latest situation of COVID-19

Latest epidemic situation of 5th wave at a glance

Provisional data analysis on COVID-19 reported death cases
Provisional analysis of the first 12,747 reported death cases in the 5th wave:
– Vaccination history
 - Received 4 doses (reached 14 days): 2%
 - Received 3 doses (reached 14 days): 14%
 - Received 2 doses (reached 14 days): 13%
 – Received 1 dose (reached 14 days): 12%
 – Unvaccinated: 59%
– Over 95% fatal cases were elderly aged 60 years or above; 47% were residential care home residents; 93% were with known chronic diseases
– Receiving 3 doses of any vaccines greatly reduces death risk especially in the older age group

COVID-19 Vaccination Programme statistics
– As at Jan 19:
* 108 persons received their first dose of vaccine; a cumulative total of 6,912,013 persons have received their first vaccine dose, making up 94.6% of the population aged 3 or above
* 179 persons received their second dose of vaccine; a cumulative total of 6,792,170 persons have received their second vaccine dose, making up 93.1% of the population aged 3 or above
* 832 persons received their third dose of vaccine; a cumulative total of 5,826,446 persons have received their third vaccine dose, making up 83.6% of the population aged 12 or above
* 5,057 persons received their fourth dose of vaccine; a cumulative total of 1,013,916 persons have received their fourth vaccine dose
* 741 persons received their fifth dose of vaccine; a cumulative total of 47,571 persons have received their fifth vaccine dose
– a total of 20,592,116 doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered for members of the public

Government cancels arrangement of issuing isolation orders
The Government on January 19 said that, following three years of COVID-19 epidemic in Hong Kong, with the ever evolvement of the virus and Omicron becoming the predominating variant, coupled with the enhancement of prevention and treatment capacities of the healthcare system and the handling capacity of society as a whole, the risk posed by COVID-19 to local public health has apparently altered. Considering the balance between infection risks and resumption of economic and livelihood impetus, the Government decided to cancel the arrangement of issuing isolation orders to infected persons according to the Prevention and Control of Disease Regulation (Cap. 599A) from January 30.

Government further strengthens manpower and increases registration/swabbing booths at community testing centres/stations
The Government announced on January 19 that manpower has been ramped up and more registration/swabbing booths were set up at community testing centres/stations (CTC/CTSs) with high demand to cater for the surge in testing demand. Taking the testing station at Maple Street Playground as an example, the Government has acquired the football pitch next to the testing station before noon today. The number of booths for registration and payment has been tripled as a means to direct people flow. The Government will adjust the arrangements based on the actual situation of individual CTC/CTSs.

Government calls on testees to make booking in advance and use testing centres/stations with fewer users
The Government noted that multiple community testing centres/stations (CTC/CTSs) still offer abundant testing places. Many of these CTC/CTSs are conveniently located in close proximity to MTR stations. Persons who wish to undergo COVID-19 nucleic acid testing can reserve a testing time slot online in advance and opt for those CTC/CTSs with fewer users for testing.

Individuals without booking need to wait longer at testing centres/stations
The Government reminded citizens that testing centres and stations will accord priority for testing to individuals who have made a booking, and individual testing centres and stations will be busier in the evening. As such, testees without reservation or those who undergo testing in the evening will inevitably need to wait for a longer time. If the service capacities at certain testing centres and stations have reached their limits for that day, testees without a booking will not be served and they will need to undergo testing at other testing centres and stations.

Various holding centres to cease operation gradually
The Social Welfare Department announced that all holding centres (HCs) established in sports centres as well as some in AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) will gradually cease operation…The HCs at Halls 9 and 11 of AWE will maintain operations until further notice.

Hospital Authority continues to support COVID-19 patients in community
In line with the Government’s new measures, the Hospital Authority (HA) is adjusting its service to provide continuous support to COVID-19 patients in the community. Currently, confirmed patients are centralised to receive treatments in the seven designated clinics for COVID-19 confirmed cases. When the new measures come into effect, all general out-patient clinics (GOPCs) will provide treatment for COVID-19 confirmed patients. Suitable patients will be prescribed with antiviral oral drugs and receive other relevant treatments. GOPCs that had been suspended will resume normal service. The quotas reserved for patients with episodic diseases, including COVID-19 patients, will increase from 7,500 per day to over 10,000, in order to sustain support to relevant patients.

LCSD to reopen 11 sports centres
The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) that 11 sports centres managed by the LCSD will gradually reopen for public use starting from February 7 (Tuesday). These venues were temporarily closed earlier for anti-epidemic purposes.    

FS makes his third day of visit to Davos, Switzerland
In the morning, the Financial Secretary, Mr Chan attended a breakfast meeting on the theme of “Hong Kong Perspectives: Connectivity in an Evolving World”, co-organised by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government and the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. In his speech, Mr Chan pointed out that with the unique advantages under “one country, two systems”, Hong Kong serves as the bridge between the Mainland and the rest of the world in many areas such as finance, professional services, aviation, transport and logistics, as well as arts and culture. As convenient access to the Mainland and the world has fully resumed, Hong Kong now stands at a new start with ample opportunities of development.

Eight persons sentenced for violating anti-epidemic regulations

Government follows up on positive results of sewage surveillance and appeals to residents to undergo virus testing

HAD distributes complimentary COVID-19 rapid test kits to households, cleansing workers and property management staff in Wong Tai Sin and Tsuen Wan Districts

Hong Kong Customs detects three suspected medicine smuggling cases at airport
Hong Kong Customs detected three suspected medicine smuggling cases at Hong Kong International Airport on January 18. About 5 400 tablets and about 350 grams of suspected controlled medicines with a total estimated market value of about $250,000 were seized. Customs officers on that day conducted customs clearance on three incoming male passengers from India via Thailand at the airport and seized the batch of suspected controlled medicines, including COVID-19 oral drugs and controlled virility products inside their check-in baggages. The three men, aged 32, 34 and 36, were subsequently arrested. Three suspected medicine smuggling cases involving inbound passengers were detected successfully.

Unemployment and underemployment statistics for October – December 2022
According to the latest labour force statistics (i.e. provisional figures for October – December 2022) released on January 19 by the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD), the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased from 3.7% in September – November 2022 to 3.5% in October – December 2022. The underemployment rate also decreased from 1.6% in September – November 2022 to 1.5% in October – December 2022.


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Prevention and Control of Disease (Use of Vaccines) Regulation (Cap.599K)!en
– Expires at midnight on 23 December 2023

Prevention and Control of Disease (Compulsory Testing for Certain Persons) Regulation (Cap.599J)!en
– Expires on 31 March 2023

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– Expires on 31 March 2023

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– Expires on 31 March 2023

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– Expires on 31 March 2023

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– Expires on 31 March 2023