Office for attracting enterprises opens

The Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises (OASES) commenced full operation today. It is one of the new initiatives announced in the 2022 Policy Address to attract enterprises and investments more proactively and aggressively with a view to enhancing Hong Kong’s competitiveness and speeding up industry development.


The office is tasked with attracting representative and high-potential strategic enterprises from around the globe.


It will draw up a list of target enterprises, reach out to them proactively and carry out negotiations. The targeting industries of strategic importance to Hong Kong include life and health technology, artificial intelligence and data science, fintech, advanced manufacturing, new materials and new-energy technology.


The office will formulate attractive special facilitation measures covering land, financing, tax and investment, and provide tailor-made plans to facilitate the setting up of the operations of enterprises in Hong Kong.


It will also provide target enterprise employees with one-stop facilitation services in areas such as visa application and education arrangements for their children.


Dedicated Teams for Attracting Businesses & Talents in Hong Kong Offices will be set up in the Mainland and overseas to provide full corresponding support to the office.


Financial Secretary Paul Chan said: “Establishing OASES reflects our adoption of a new mentality to proactively plan and reach out to compete for enterprises at full steam. OASES will be a one-stop window for attracting strategic enterprises.


“Since the Policy Address announced the establishment of OASES, the response has been overwhelming, and we have received a large number of enquiries and requests for meeting. Many came from top-notch enterprises as well as enterprises engaging in cutting-edge technologies.”


Mr Chan added that OASES has already formulated a preliminary first-round list for target enterprises and will reach out actively, striving for more vibrant development for Hong Kong’s industry and economy in the future.